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Koran Juvenile Angel fish & My Muses!

My inspiring muses governing various artistic disciplines come and go at will in my daily life. Nevertheless, the ones whose domain is ceramics remain loyal by my side to keep my hands occupied with their whims if all other muses … Continue reading

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WOW, We made it through the End of the Mayan Long Count calendar!

Yes!  It is 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time in the United States of America! As we may have individually or collectively celebrated the Winter Solstice or not, we have intellectually witnessed the end of the ancient Maya calendar and globally … Continue reading

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Mailboxes: A sense of artistic expression, or not.

In rural or suburban areas where mail boxes stand out at the edge of the front yard, one may choose to build a mail  box, to purchase a prefabricated one readily available at a local hardware store and/or to customize … Continue reading

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Vine ripe tomatoes: Bridging my summer with childhood memories!

Today the weather was spectacularly beautiful in the Washington, D.C., metro area! So much so, that I decided to put all my art projects on hold and spend most of the day enjoying the great outdoors.  Weeding out our little … Continue reading

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