The Blue Hawk Mascot – Mosaic

The mascot of Norwood School’s athletic programs is the Blue hawk.  In 2010, the Head of school commissioned me to create a logo of its mascot and I successfully did.  It is now proudly displayed on the floor of the Ruth Rales Athletic Center in the middle school.


Last year, I was commissioned to create a large mosaic of the Blue hawk mascot with the colors of the school -Blue and White- by the main entrance of the athletic center.    I began by creating the head of the Blue hawk with white earthenware and, just in case one would break in the process of drying, firing, glazing or re-firing, I made two of the same.

Blue hawk heads 4W

And so, I began the meticulous creation of the Blue hawk mascot mosaic at Norwood School in 2014.


About jorgeluissomarriba

I am a professional artist eternally enchanted by beauty and light. My painting and mixed-media's palette stems from the colors of the rainbow. My creative expression in a variety of media (mosaics, paintings, prints, illustrations, murals, collages, ceramics, and memory boxes) reflect my celebration for life, fueled by my passion as I chart my daily journey in art. You may visit my Etsy shop to purchase my original artworks at
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