The Alchemy of A Mosaic Mirror to Transmute A Foyer!

Recently, I was approached by a new client who is in the process of renovating her foyer to make it warmer, more spacious and inviting! She envisions an artistic accent on the main wall and after looking at the space, I suggested to paint the wall in a shade of a warm yellow ocher and, to mount a horizontal, rectangular mosaic mirror which will display her impeccable preference for cool hues to complement the color and feeling of the wall.

My client has enthusiastically agreed and, I began the process of purchasing the right mirror to create a mosaic.  I have also started hand-glazing bisque-fire ceramic tiles, creating decorative motifs with low-fire clay, acquiring and nipping dinning plates, glass tiles and bead to create a festive and aesthetically pleasing mosaic.


It is an intense mental process of search, selection and physical preparation prior to the creation of a mosaic but, it is so much fun, gratifying and inspiring to bring joy to the life of a client and, to transform the atmosphere of a home with the right decisions in one alchemical touch!

More images on the development of the mosaic mirror and transformation of the foyer in days to come.



About jorgeluissomarriba

I am a professional artist eternally enchanted by beauty and light. My painting and mixed-media's palette stems from the colors of the rainbow. My creative expression in a variety of media (mosaics, paintings, prints, illustrations, murals, collages, ceramics, and memory boxes) reflect my celebration for life, fueled by my passion as I chart my daily journey in art. You may visit my Etsy shop to purchase my original artworks at
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