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A sketch drawing patiently waiting to become a painting…

It happens more often than not that, many of my drawings remain sketches waiting for the right time to mature into paintings. Such has been the case of this cactus drawing which I sketched on site four years ago while … Continue reading

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“Sol de Metal”, A Visitor from the Past…

Today, while organizing a series of prints, I found this visitor from the past, “Sol de Metal”! I had completely forgotten about this silkscreen print produced in four colors on sample paper in 1983.  This is the only print (# … Continue reading

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Green tomatoes on the vine.

In early May I cleared a patch of land on the cul-de-sac across my home to make a small orchard for my wife.  She planted basil, carrots, radishes, green peppers, sunflowers, marigolds and tomatoes. Her love for the plants, their … Continue reading

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Sunrise over The Land of Enchantment!

Looking through the tiny oval window on a jet liner gives up but a glimpse of the vastness of the landscape below when flying at 30,000 feet. The sky arches across the infinite horizon, the rainbow turns into a magical … Continue reading

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Flying over The Land of Enchantment!

I have always been fascinated by how our perception of the earth changes when we travel by air at several thousand feet above the surface. This bird’s eye view landscape painting was inspired by my many trips to New Mexico, … Continue reading

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The Fire from Within through the lens of my painting.

For years I have been fascinated by the magical realism of Carlos Castaneda’s narrative prose about the teachings of Don Juan Matus, his mentor, and the author’s experiences with the occult knowledge of the Nagual. Every now and then, I … Continue reading

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A Surface for a new painting.

Recently, while visiting an art supplies’ store, I found a magnificent wooden board especially designed for painting. It was the beauty and nobility of the natural wood finish which captures my imagination and seduced my spirit to produce a painting … Continue reading

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