Calder’ Portraits at the American Art Museum/National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC

Today, it rained in the morning and the sky remained overcast for most of the day in the DC Metro area, yet the mid afternoon turned out to be sunny, balmy and simply glorious!!!

My wife and I hopped on “Arkangel”, our cobalt blue Mini Cooper S and drove to the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum and Portraiture (National Portrait Gallery) to view the…

3-D linear portraits sculpted with wire by Alexander Calder!   Although we drove South to the Nation’s capital from Bethesda, Maryland in the midst of rush-hour traffic, the exhibit was worth the trip!

Calder’s wire portraits are truly imaginative, innovative after so many decades of their making, absolutely thought-provoking, aesthetically pleasing and technically inspiring!  Photos were not allowed in the gallery, but this museum’s website is most useful in illustrating the highlights of the exhibit.

Admission to the museum located in the heart of China town in Washington, DC is free!  Park on the street but, read parking signs carefully and make sure to pay for parking by displaying ticket similar to this one on the dashboard of your car…

to avoid a pricy and punitive parking ticket. The exhibit, Calder Portraits will be on display at the NMAA until August 14, 2011.

While at the museum, enjoy a glass of wine, chilled lemonade or beer, or a cup of coffee and desert under the glass-roofed inner courtyard before or after viewing this and/or many other exhibits. The Smithsonian’s American Art Museum & The National Portrait Gallery are housed in the same building which is open daily until 7 PM.  Today, it had a live Jazz band for entertainment from 5 to 8 PM as part of their spring program free of charge, so check their website for upcoming events.   If you are in town or live in the area, don’t miss the Calder Portraits!

“The longer one observes [Calder’s sculpture] the more one is convinced … that here is a new language.” “Sculpturing by Wire Is New Achievement of Alexander Calder at Galerie Billiet.”   -Chicago Tribune, Jan. 29, 1929, Paris ed.


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