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“Reading is 4 Fun” mosaic at Norwood School

In celebration of Norwood School’s 50th anniversary, I created this mosaic on the facade of the Lower School library in 2003 as part of my Artist-in-Residence program. “Reading is 4 Fun” was the first mosaic in which I created abstract … Continue reading

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Mosaic at the Health Office of Norwood School

In my opinion, children who are are ill at school, should start feeling better as they get to the health office. I created this permanent mosaic in 2002 and I painted the ceiling with the rainbow later on, as part … Continue reading

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Technology Literacy & Computer Graphics Mosaic

Of the many permanent mural mosaics I have created at Norwood School, this mosaic is certainly one of my favorite ones. The top portion of the mosaic was composed with Turkish tiles depicting a precise geometric design.  I created the computer … Continue reading

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Red, Yellow & Black Venus

The artistic legacy by British sculptor, Henry Moore is one of the most inspiring and influential in my figurative ceramic art!  I have never tried to imitate his style, I simply feel empowered by his creative vision and liberated by … Continue reading

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Blue and Black Venus

There was a time in which, inspired by the small figure sculptures created by Henry Moore, I modeled with clay a series of female abstract figures named “Venus”.  This is the Blue & Black Venus, created with low-fire white clay … Continue reading

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What a Force of Nature Continuously Inspiring My Artistic Development!

Beauty, form, strength, character and symbolism synthesize the energy embodied in the female figure as a constant source and subject for creative inspiration in my 2-D and 3-D artistic expressions. . .

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Starvation Peak & Glorieta Mesa, New Mexico…

As I drove for the first time on 25 N from Santa Fe to Las Vegas, New Mexico in December 2005, I had to stop my car by the road more than once to absorb the monumental natural beauty of … Continue reading

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