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A Sketch on my Journal from a Museum Visit…

My journal travels with me everywhere I go and, museum visits are usually inspiring to me particularly, when the exhibits are filled with ingenuity, creativity and imagination.  Such is the case of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, … Continue reading

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The Instant Desire for Capturing an Artistic Expression!

While browsing at the produce section on a local supermarket, I gazed at the exotic form and passionate color of the pomegranate fruits freshly imported from California?  I say “imported” because in Maryland to the best of my knowledge, we … Continue reading

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Artworks are like seeds scattered in the wind…

Artworks are like seeds scattered in the wind…As artists, we plant them and they blossom in some near or distant place such as the home of a friend, the office of a client, the wall of a school, or the … Continue reading

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A Mosaic Fish Sculpture for Annie’s Dad!

Four days before Christmas, my friend Annie emailed me asking if I had any mosaic fish sculptures available for sale.  She wanted to give a fish sculpture as a Christmas present to her dad, who enjoys the art of fishing … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

This year I created a new Season’s Greeting card from one of my paintings inspired by Andean music and the height of the Andean mountain range. I produced a limited edition of cards affixing post cards of the painting on … Continue reading

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Terri’s kitchen back splash has a new life for years to come!

We are most grateful to Life that it conceded us the opportunity to complete this project on a timely fashion. Terri’s kitchen back splash is completed with grouting, and brand new switch plates she chose herself.  I feel honored by … Continue reading

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The Instantaneous Transformation of Terri’s Kitchen back splash!

Like everything one does with integrity and love, this project took several hours to do.  Fortunately,  I had all the materials ready to go, and the weather today was benign, making the cutting of tiles with a wet saw in … Continue reading

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