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Ode to The Celestial Music of The Spheres!

The Milky Way is spectacular!   Particularly when seen near the equator, if the night is dark and there isn’t any city-light polluting the sky, or from an Astral Projection!  Wherever I travel, I search for the Milky Way when night falls. … Continue reading

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Forever Enchanted by the Metaphysical Alchemy of Light!

I became a Sun Worshiper and a Star Gazer at the age of 9 to this day! Forever enchanted by the metaphysical alchemy of the visible spectrum of light, and equally enamored of its ethereal, luminous and mysterious nature, I decided to … Continue reading

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Waking Up to Become A Sun Worshiper!

On a Sunday morning at the age of 9, I became aware of the divine presence of Light permeating all aspects of the physical and commanding world constantly enfolding me and unfolding around me.  Unable to connect to organized religion … Continue reading

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The Polychromatic evolution of the Tropical Rooster!

Even though it was seasonably cold throughout the day, the sun finally shone today!  I felt so energized again by the clear and sunny sky, that I joyfully spent two hours infusing alchemical color on the mural painting.   My favorite … Continue reading

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As Above So Below!

Today, for the third consecutive day the weather has been cloudy, grey and cold in the Washington, DC metro area.  I miss the sun so much, that I decided to spend time in my studio and leave the mural painting … Continue reading

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Painting Greens for the New Additions to the mural!

Thanksgiving Day remained overcast and cold in the DC Metropolitan area! Since the weather wasn’t cheerful, I decided to paint on the mural all the green shapes such as the Banana leaves and stem, the orchid plant’s leaves, and some feathers … Continue reading

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The Magical Realism of the Universal Coral Reef mural painting!

Today was the perfect day to resume work on the Universal Coral Reef mural and outline in black a few of the new additions to the painting.  What will create the magical realism effect on the painting is a combination … Continue reading

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