Ode to a Tomato Plant

My art is inspired by many muses and, it is influenced by many subjects that I will gradually unveil in my journey through this Blog.

When I am not communing with the muses of Light in painting, I may be composing with the muses of Metaphor, frozen poetry in a Memory box or a haiku.

With the collective muses of the Printed Media, I may be constructing a collage or a relief print…or, I may be exploring with the muses of the Earth and Light, the colorful combination of glazed ceramic tiles on an organic and festive mosaic. 

 This is my celebration to the sheer joy inspired by a “Tomato Plant”!

May many moments of your Day be filled with wonder!


About jorgeluissomarriba

I am a professional artist eternally enchanted by beauty and light. My painting and mixed-media's palette stems from the colors of the rainbow. My creative expression in a variety of media (mosaics, paintings, prints, illustrations, murals, collages, ceramics, and memory boxes) reflect my celebration for life, fueled by my passion as I chart my daily journey in art. You may visit my Etsy shop to purchase my original artworks at http://www.etsy.com/shop/CaminodelCielo
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1 Response to Ode to a Tomato Plant

  1. trish says:

    How exciting to finally see your work Jorge, may your students also find in your shared ideas and words the inspiration they must get just seeing your mosaics in the halls of that school! This blog is in prefect timing! Love is all.

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