A Ceramic Cup for a Fairy Princess!

In ceramic circles, I am a hand-builder not a potter –That is to say, I don’t use a potter’s wheel.  Instead, I enjoy having a spontaneous dialogue between clay and my hands and through this purely improvisational interaction, I bring to life serendipitous abstract, decorative and functional forms such as these cups made as an experiment for a 9-year old fairy princess living next door named, Bella!

 IMG_0599 4W


-Cups: White stoneware and ceramic underglazes and pencil fired at reduction cone 6.

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Koran Juvenile Angel fish & My Muses!

My inspiring muses governing various artistic disciplines come and go at will in my daily life. Nevertheless, the ones whose domain is ceramics remain loyal by my side to keep my hands occupied with their whims if all other muses are not in sight!

Angel fish 2017 4W

Thus seduced by both, their persuasive whispering and by Nature through the simplicity and beauty of the Koran Juvenile Angel fish design, I made this 12 inch-long relief sculpture from a fresh slab of white earthenware, ceramic glazes and wire, as a gift to my friend Mica for the Holiday Season.  Such is the pliable and joyful nature of clay!  Enjoy.


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Gastronomic Memories from a Corner Deli

Years ago while meandering in Georgetown on a sunny afternoon, I serendipitous found a corner deli and ordered the most delicious roast beef sandwich I had in Washington, DC!

Here are the ingredients:  A baguette, mayo, horseradish cream, pickled beets, lettuce, tomatoes, grass-fed roast beast and Swiss cheese.

IMG_4853  RBS1  RBS

That summer, I went a few more times to the deli to eat that sandwich, talk to its maker and to memorize it symphony of colors, textures and flavors.  I am not much of a sandwich eater but occasionally, I make myself this sandwich and complement it with a glass of red wine, to honor the artistic hands who made the original ones and, to remember those distant summer afternoons in Georgetown.

If you wish to try it, enjoy!


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What is Home? – Mixed Media Sculpture”

Many of the art projects I have been creating lately -That is to say, in the last few months while I’ve quietly been away from my wordpress blog in late 2014 and early 2015, have been unconventional in the usual way I create art.

“Where is Home?” is a typical example of what I mean.  A mixed media sculpture that I would not have normally created unless, I had been commissioned to do so -as it was the case- In which I found myself challenged to produce something radical to transmute a conventional vintage, 2 1/2 feet high kindergarten chair into a 6 feet high fairy-tale sculpture such as this:

What is home

As most of my artistic project, this one was a purely intuitive one in which I started priming the natural wood with a latex primer to cover the the legs with acrylic paints, and to, collage the seat and back of the chair with an assortment of hand-made papers from Nepal and the US.  This tiny chair had to be elevated with balustrade posts to become decorative but, not functional in the process of transforming it into a sculpture.  Building and adding the red-wooden ladder was the “frosting on the cake” or, the emphasis in turning the sculpture into a thought-provoking and magical piece!  The heart on top of the back of the seat was cut out with a jig-saw, collage with hand-made papers and hand-painted to be affixed to the chair.  In conclusion, this project was a joyful work of art!

Chair 1.  PEACE, to you all who read my blog and best wishes!    -Jorge

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The Blue Hawk Mascot – Mosaic

The mascot of Norwood School’s athletic programs is the Blue hawk.  In 2010, the Head of school commissioned me to create a logo of its mascot and I successfully did.  It is now proudly displayed on the floor of the Ruth Rales Athletic Center in the middle school.


Last year, I was commissioned to create a large mosaic of the Blue hawk mascot with the colors of the school -Blue and White- by the main entrance of the athletic center.    I began by creating the head of the Blue hawk with white earthenware and, just in case one would break in the process of drying, firing, glazing or re-firing, I made two of the same.

Blue hawk heads 4W

And so, I began the meticulous creation of the Blue hawk mascot mosaic at Norwood School in 2014.

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Ceramic Cut-Outs in Homage to Matisse

For years I have been enchanted by the festive nature of Henri Matisse’s paper cut-outs.  I have personally seen some of the originals at the East wing of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. and, many of their reproductions printed on the famous book , “JAZZ”  which was written and illustrated by Matisse himself.

Nevertheless last year, after reading again “JAZZ” and other books related to Matisse’s cut outs, I was so inspired by the organic quality, colorful character and playful spirit of some of his cut outs that, I decided to create a few clay cut outs of my own-such as the ones below-  in homage to the creative nature of the master of color.   Enjoy!

A Murray plaque 4W Clay cut-outs 4w

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I hope my greetings and best wishes for this new year will find you all who read and follow my blog well!

I am back and I do plan to make my art visible for the year ahead.

With kind regards,


A Murray plaque

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